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Construction Waste Crusher

With the rapid development of economy, the amount of construction waste of the city increase rapidly, due to the construction waste is relatively concentrated, space is limited, and the traffic is not very convenient, suggested the use of portable crushing station as construction waste crusher.


Construction Waste Crusher

In the disposal of construction waste, portable crushing station can give full play to the characteristics of flexible and efficient, thereby saving transportation cost huge, to achieve zero emissions, zero waste disposal building Sinotrans, in situ digestion and green recycling.

1. production capacity: 50-500 tons
2. Application: municipal construction waste disposal, solid waste treatment, housing demolition site construction waste disposal

Construction Waste Crusher Project Case

Project: 30T/H Construction Waste Crusher
Raw Material: Construction Waste
Client: Mr. Upul Herath
Date: November, 2016
Construction site: Sri Lanka

Project: 100T/H Construction Waste Crusher
Raw Material: solid waste treatment
Client: Mr. Upul Herath
Date: May, 2014
Construction site: New York

Method for improving capacity of construction crusher

  • strict control of material humidity: construction waste crusher to strictly control the material moisture in the material choice, if the choice of materials of the humidity is too big, can use sunlight or dried to reduce material moisture percentage.
  • strictly control the content of sand powder in the material: for the fine powder content of the material should be screened in advance. The fine powder as far as possible from the material screening, so as not to affect the normal work of the sand machine.
  • strictly control the hardness of the material: the greater the hardness, construction waste crusher work more difficult, and the construction waste crusher wear more serious. Construction waste crusher capacity is low, so we need to be careful in the choice of materials.
  • to strengthen the construction waste crusher daily maintenance.

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