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Salt Grinding Plant for Sale

There are many areas all over the world known for their salt mines including Ireland, Pakistan, Bosnia, Poland, Austria, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, United States etc. Rock salt processing operation involves many different techniques.

Salt Grinding

Salt grinding is an important stage, necessary to satisfy the market demands concerning the fine salt sector. The grinding is obtained through a series of grinding mills which receive the salt coming from the spin drying unit. Here the salt is milled in order to considerably reduce its grain size and to produce table salt for use, salt required for Industrial applications use and for leather tanning.

Salt Drying

The drying stage is performed by rotating or fluid bed type dryers. Both types of dryers have to reduce the humidity of the salt from 4% to 0.2%. The machines dry the salt at a temperature of about 200бу C. by means of previously heated hot air.

Salt Screening

The screening stage is carried out by means of vibrating screens with an appropriate screening-vibrating capacity, in order to grade different grain size ranges coming from the milling and drying stages.

Salt Grinding Plant for Sale

SBM is global supplier of mineral grinding plant. We design and manufacture a comprehensive line of grinding mills for mining, industrial minerals industry for both wet and dry grinding systems. SBM provides high performance salt grinding plant for sale, which is available in stationary and mobile style, including ball mill, raymond mill, high pressure mill, ultrafine mill, vertical roller mill etc.

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