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Mini Bauxite Processing Plant

 Today, main types of mini bauxite processing plant include bauxite ore crushing equipment, bauxite ore grinding equipment, bauxite extraction equipment and other associated equipment, which are also the main components of a mini bauxite processing line. Every year, bauxite investors from different countries import all kinds of mini bauxite processing plant from China. 


Mini Bauxite Processing Plant-Bauxite Ball Mill

Bauxite grinding plant can deal with bauxite particles whose size is more than 6 mm. After the treatment of bauxite grinding equipment, size of bauxite particles turns into less than 20 microns, and this is very suitable for bauxite extraction process. Nowadays, bauxite ball mill is well received by local bauxite investors in Indonesia. In their opinion, bauxite ore ball mill produced by SBM is very suitable for bauxite quarry with large bauxite production. The barrel body of bauxite ball mill is wearable well and bears wearable scale-board. In addition, the hollow axis of ball mill adopts the cast steel, which can ensure our machine run smooth and reliable when processing the bauxite ore. Obviously, it can fully meet the technical requirement of open-pit bauxite mining. 

Mini Bauxite Extraction Equipment-Bauxite Flotation Machine

Bauxite extraction equipment plays a very important role in the mini bauxite processing line. Typically, bauxite extraction equipment refers to the bauxite mining equipment used in the beneficiation process of bauxite. Bauxite flotation machine is widely used in the process of bauxite extraction. In the flotation machine, slurry is fully mixed with potions, and stirred powerfully to make air enter it. Some bauxite ore particles float on the mineralized froth because of low density. The rest sink down, paving the way for later separation. The flotation machine produced by SBM features high efficiency and low power consumption. Besides, bauxite concentrate will be specially treated by dryer. So the dry products are finished. 

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