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Mine Tailings Recycling Machine

Currently, the disposals of waste materials have arisen a serious problem of waste management all over the world. More and more countries have put huge investment to deal with this problem. More and more countries have put huge investment to deal with this problem. Among all the disposals of waste materials, mine tailings perform as useful cement replacement materials. To some degree, the use of mine tailing presents important fiscal and environmental benefits such as savings in disposal cost and a cleaner environment. However, the recycle of mine tailing should solve the problem of moisture content, which needs the dewatering machine to make them dry. Here we focus on more details of mine tailings recycling machine, also called mineral tailings recycling equipment.

Overview of Mine Tailings

In the process of mining, the mine concentrate, is dewatered and dried to about 10% moisture content. It is shipped by truck to the smelter. However, mine tailings are left, so it needs to deal with mine tailing specially to protect our environment. mine tailing is suitable for blast cleaning of steel and stone/concrete surfaces, removal of mill scale, rust, old paint, dirt etc. In addition, mine tailings can be used as a building material, formed into blocks. Mine tailings are usually produced from the mill in slurry form (a mixture of fine mineral particles and water). In some situations, tailings represent an external cost of mining. This is particularly true of early mining operations which did not take adequate steps to make tailings areas environmentally safe after closure.

Mine Tailings Recycling Machine

In the mining industry, dewatering machine is usually used as the mine tailings recycling machine. Its working flowchart is as follows:The thickened mine tailings flow by gravity in large pipes to tailings ponds, where the solid material settles out and additional water is recovered and pumped back to the mill. About 80% of the water used at the mine is recycled and re-used. The rest is lost to evaporation and used to keep haul roads damp to minimize dust. Dewatering is an important process for mine tailing. However, traditional methods of dewatering can produce material which has moisture levels as high as 22%. The dewatering machine can produce products with an average moisture content of only 12 to 14% with some plants delivering material with rates as low as 7%. Adopting the massive tube construction and channel construction, dewatering machine has the ability to handle extremely heavy loading.

Other Types of Mine Tailings Recycling Machine

Apart from the dewatering machine, mine tailings recycling machines are used for a surprising number of applications in the modern industry. Our mine tailings processing machines can deal with the boiler tailings and bottom ash, steel tailings, mine tailings, lead tailings coal tailings, blast furnace tailings, cement tailings, and concrete tailings, etc. Our mine tailings recycling machines are consisted of the jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, MTM medium-speed Trapezium mill and associated equipment. If you have some interest in our mine tailings processing machine, please contact us!

For further information on mine tailings recycling machine, you can consult with our online mining engineers, who will give you customer-built recycling solution based on your practical conditions.

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