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Cost Of Investment Stone Crusher Plant

An ordinary sand stone factory can easily make millions of profits in one year. The actual input cost is related to various factors such as production scale, document handling, production equipment and raw material costs.

1. Document processing fee

In order to invest in the sand and gravel industry, various documents are indispensable. The industrial and commercial registration, mining license, safety management approval, environmental protection bureau evaluation, business license, etc. all need to be handled one by one, as long as the application materials required for various documents are complete, the approval time Not too long.

2. Investment cost of production equipment

A complete stone production line needs to use feeding, sieving, conveying, crushing and other equipment. If the finer the configuration, the higher the output, the more expensive the price is. It is recommended that the user choose a large manufacturer with mature production technology. Ensure that your pre-equipment equipment is of reliable quality, the production line design is more suitable for the needs, and in the later stage, the problems encountered in production can be solved in time, saving your maintenance and repair costs without delaying the user's construction period.

3. Labor and other expenses

Many expenses such as labor remuneration, utilities, oil, taxes, etc. need to be taken into account. The ability to choose a high-intelligence, high-environment stone processing equipment can help you save these costs.


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