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Coal Washer Price And Cost

 Coal washing is an essential process for coal mining. Raw coal is generally used as fuel for energy, clean coal or fine coal is used for other industrial applications. Clean coal should be washed with water to sulfur so that it can achieve those industrial standards. Usually, the more of this waste material that can be removed from coal, the greater its market value and the lower its transportation costs. Therefore, high efficiency coal washing machine can play a great role in the coal mining process. 


Operation Of Coal Washer

1.  Motor should outfit rain shelter to protect equipment from creep age.
2. Sand washer ought to be installed on the rear of vibrating screen. The rotary direction must strictly according to the requirement.
3. Check every connective bolt has been fastened before trial run.
4. Check every movable part continues to be lubricated ahead of when trial run.
5.Drive belt pulley run by man before trial run. Make sure there are not any blocks along the way of working, then user can transport on blank test. During two hours there are no striking, pulley swinging and bearing loosen occur as well as the bearing temperature rise cannot exceed 35 centigrade. In the event the above trouble occurs, please stop machine immediately and check it.
6. The machine needs to be installed on the reinforced concrete. Beside this, machine user have to develop a concrete sedimentation basin to handle the waste water. The waste water can be reused after precipitation. These techniques not just meet the environmental requirement but additionally reduce the sand's cost.
7. Because this machine's working place and conductor materials are contacted with water, so users must ensure the lead is insulated.

Associated Equipment for Coal Washing Machine

In the coal mining industry, coal washing machine is always combined with the coal crusher. Typically, coal crusher has three common types, including the jaw crusher, impact crusher, and cone crusher. Cone crusher is used in the fine crushing stage. HCS series cone crusher is the most advanced cone crusher which integrates mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automation, and intelligent control technology. This type of cone crusher has incomparable advantages compared with traditional cone crushers, such as high crushing efficiency, low production cost, easy-adjust maintenance, and excellent grain size. The use of HCS series cone crusher can significantly improve the efficiency of coal washing machine. 

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