Belt Conveyor

Product Features: Modular design, adjustable splay landing leg, more stable structure and more convenient installation

  • Input Size: 0-300mm 
  • Capacity: 150-900TPH
  • Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore and so on

Belt Conveyor, also known as tape conveyor, belt conveyor according to the friction drive principle and exercise, with throughput, simple structure, easy maintenance, standardized components, etc. Can be a single conveyor can also be composed of multiple components or other transportation equipment horizontal or inclined conveyor system to meet the different needs of arrangement type of operating line. B Its captain and assembly forms can be determined according to user requirements, power transmission roller can also be used with a driving device frame.

Belt conveyor routine maintenance 

1. check all fasteners and make sure there is no loose.
2. cleaning the belt and make sure the belt is intact, if found damaged belt should be replaced.
3. check the motor and gear box to ensure proper lubricant.
4. check the belt tension and adjust to the appropriate.


  • Before the operation : before the open belt conveyors, belt conveyors to admit in a normal situation, the individual components are not damaged, circuits, gas supply conditions are in ready supply voltage caliber open belt conveyor. According to technical operating requirements of each site and check the mechanical load test run to confirm compliance with the requirements. Confirm contact signal clear and accurate. After checking the test meet the conditions to confirm the safety control and good safety records to confirm the time and confirm name records.

  • During the operation : After closing the main power, the power indicator to see all hours in the operating conditions, see the end, recognize and correct and then the following operations, and one by one each closed loop power switch, check lights and belt conveyor is not a unusual. Under normal conditions are: power indicator light inverter and other equipment, the inverter panel appeared to show normal (no fault code appears), the conveyor belt running light is off, the device does not work. By launching the process in accordance with the various electrical equipment, electrical equipment after the launch on a normal (motor or other device has reached the normal speed, normal conditions) then the next launch of electrical equipment.

  • After the operation : belt conveyor operation aborted aborted before being cut off by pressing the main power button until the full suspension system. Thorough cleaning of machinery, maintenance, lubrication and rust, water spray wash machinery needed, required electrical part cover tightly to prevent washout damp. And control of electrical transport corridor for the machine to remove dust, dehumidification process can be required to recover liquidation closed.


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