Mini Shaking Tables Used South Africa


Summary:The shaking table is mainly used for the mineral cleaning function and it also plays great role in the

Mini Shaking Tables Used South Africa

Mini shaking table in South Africa

The shaking table is mainly used for the mineral cleaning function and it also plays great role in the whole mining process. For South Africa, there are lots of mineral resources and these resources occupy important position in the economy development.

The mini shaking table is widely used in South Africa and it also helps the local customers make high profits. Here is the detailed information of mini shaking table in South Africa.

Being a famous and professional beneficiation equipment manufacturer, all kinds of useful machines are manufactured by SBM to meet customers' needs. High quality and low cost of mini shaking table manufactured by SBM is applied to classify the ore particles whose size is between 0.02 and 2mm in South Africa. It can be used in the following materials, such as iron, gold, tungsten, tin, niobium, manganese, chromium, titanium, lead and zinc etc.

The mini shaking table consists of a slightly inclined deck and introduces materials at the feed box and distributed from it. At the same time, the wash water is distributed and along the balance of the feed side from a launder. The table dose a slow forward stroke and a rapid return, vibrating longitudinally by a mechanism which causes the mineral particles to "crawl" along the deck parallel to the direction of motion.

The minerals are thus subject to two forces due to the table motion and the following film of water at right angle to it. The net effect is that the particles move diagonally across the deck from the feed end, and since the effect of the following film depends upon the size and density of the particle, they will fan out on the table. The smaller denser particles ride highest towards the concentrate launder at the far end, while the larger lighter particles are washed into the tailing launder which runs along the length of the table. It is proved by a large number of actual production data and feedback from the customer after-sales information that this shaking table is simple operation in the production process.

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