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Sand Making Machine Maintenance

A chance I invested in sand making machine industry to achieve the interests of big, now I have more than a dozen sand making machine used in the production line, so many years of experience told me that the daily maintenance of sand making machine is very important.

Sand making industry is different from other industry, because if a machine failure occurs to ceaseand that my loss is very big, so I told my workers must conduct the daily maintenance and safety tips work, first check the vortex chamber before driving observe whether door is shut, to prevent the material from the vortex chamber to observe rushed out of the door, produce risk and impeller should be counterclockwise rotation, otherwise the motor wiring should be adjusted.

I clearly remember buying system sand machine, factory told me that the sand making machine in to 400 hours at work need right amount add lubricant, work to 2000 hours need to clear the main shaft, then due to staff not smooth transition task sand making machine after working for a long time the lack of lubrication and stop work, let this I was not happy. So I remind you must be in accordance with the instructions, sand making machine lubrication for glycerol lubrication way, add half of the amount for the bearing cavity to a third.

The above said about the importance of sand making machine maintenance, finally also said once: must pay attention to safety, especially the staff should stay away from the equipment, if need maintenance, must cut off all the power cord.

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