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Quarry Crusher

Speaking of quarry crusher, We have to introduce the quarry production process.Generally, quarry processing can be divided into six stages as following:

Quarry Crusher

Quarry Processing Six Stages

  • Digging trench
    Because of the open pit mine belongs to the slopes, on which there is a thin loess cover, so the limestone body first Single-walled ditch digging.
  • Stripped
    Top to bottom, from the inside out loess have stripped, exposing the limestone body, followed by mining.
  • Mining
    Mining should follow the "stripping simultaneously, stripped first" principle, from top to bottom into horizontal table Order mining, after blasting operations, with digging machine and the loader will be transported to the quarry crusher.
  • Broken
    1-2 minutes after the car should idle, verify proper operation after notching, feeder to send quarry equipment, stone crusher after arriving shaker through a belt.
  • Filter
    After the stone was sent belt shaker, sieve sizes of stones, through different Sieve natural fall, the different specifications of stone screened off.
  • Stone
    After screening shaker, a variety of materials sent through the belt beneath each plant material, The formation of products.
  • How To Choose Quarry Crusher

    An quarry production line can not do without quarry crusher, the common equipment has jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine and grinding mill.Every stage of quarry need different equipment, Each user should know How to choose quarry crusher?

    First, Manufacturers size should be the primary factors to consider, large scale providers can always supply the latest equipment for consumer choice, Most of all, a professional quarry crusher manufacturer always has full range of services.

    Second, Quality also be the important factors, high quality quarry crusher has lower cost and higher capacity. For customs, choose quality quarry equipment bring more befit.

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