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Jaw Crusher Toggle Plate

Toggle plate is installed between the movable jaw and adjustment base, it supports the bottom of movable jaw and prevents it from falling down. When the toggle plate is destroyed, the movable jaw cannot move on routine track and the whole machine has to break down. Toggle plate shims are used to prevent toggle plate from abrading the machine directly. If they are worn out, the toggle plate will impact the body of main frame and the body of movable jaw. As a result, the service-life of the two parts will be affected. Click to know about double toggle jaw crusher and single toggle jaw crusher.

Depending upon the make of jaw crusher toggle plates may provide another very important function. With some designs the toggle plates are made up of two steel plates that are bolted. These are bolts that have a known shear strength. If something that the crusher cannot crush accidently gets into the crushing chamber these bolts will shear off when the Jaw hits the unbreakable object. This will prevent damage to the rest of the crusher.

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