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Jaw Crusher Efficiency Factors

In this case, the demand of jaw crusher is getting higher and higher. While choosing jaw crusher, many investors pay special attention to the efficiency. So in this article, we mainly talk about jaw crusher efficiency factor and how to improve the efficiency of jaw crusher.

Jaw Crusher Efficiency Factors

Raw material: In the crushing process, we should pay attention to the hardness of raw materials. For materials with high hardness, it is difficult to crush them. What's more, the damage of crusher is relatively serious. The crushing speed is quite slow, which leads to the low efficiency of jaw crusher.

Moisture: the moisture of raw material also means a lot. When the moisture content is high, the raw materials in the crushing cavity will easily adhere to the jaw plates. Also after crushing, they might block the discharge opening. So before crushing, customers should try to reduce the moisture content in the raw materials.

Fineness: the fineness of the final products size also has influence on the efficiency of jaw crusher. The finer the products size, the lower the crushing capacity.

Component of raw materials: the powders in the raw materials will also reduce the crushing efficiency of jaw crusher, because the powders will easily adhere to the crusher.

Abrasive resistance of wear parts: Wear parts with great abrasive resistance will improve the crushing efficiency of jaw crusher.

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